Student Projects

The heart of the publishing programme is the apprenticeship experience.

Students on the Diploma in Publishing (Applied) are mentored through a range of publications while they study, putting together books and digital publications with industry partners.

Click on the thumbnails below and see some of the projects our students have worked on. 


NZBC The Power Of Story 2018 cover final  NZBC ThePonyClub 2017 frontcover  Performing Dramaturgy 2017 frontcover  SecondTimeLucky 2018 frontcover  Southern Stage 2018 frontcover  Unity Books at 50 2017 cover  WNHJ 2018 frontcover  WNHJ 2017 frontcover

AChangeofKey 2018 frontcover  All of Us 2018 final cover   Dawn Raids 2017 frontcover   MHPC 2e 2018 Cover   MonstersofVirtue 2018 frontcover  My wide white bed 2017 Cover FINAL


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