Te Auaha Strategy


By 2025 to be Aotearoa’s Centre of Excellence for Creative Technologies and the Arts – where creative talent collides


To provide a dynamic learning and teaching environment that makes and remakes future creative technologies and the arts. 

Inspiring creativity, by nurturing talent whose work matters.

Our Values

We think differently and challenge imagination

We nurture talent in all disciplines, and time of life

We take risks and create collisions in a safe place

We expect artistic innovation

We elevate creativity in our teaching and craft

We celebrate achievement and different pathways

Our Strategy

Leading creativity, talent focused

A centre of excellence where talent collides with non-traditional teaching, where all forms of artistic endeavour are valued, forging the creative industries and visionary leaders of the future

  • Develop programmes and courses that differentiate and deliver our industries the talent they need
  • Recruit teachers that are at the leading edge of their craft, with currency, knowledge, passion and imagination
  • Recruit students for their potential
  • Lead collaborative industry projects that extend thinking, internationally
  • Leadership focused, supporting ground-breaking arts

Industry inspired, community led

Producing the talent that industry needs by being joined at the hip with industry ‘in the building’; led by our community who are immersed in our work - telling our story with us

  • Partner with community and industry organisations that share the vision and aspire to teach and grow the talent of the future
  • Real engagement and collaboration matching talent search and recruitment to industry demands
  • Understand trends in industry needs and changes in technology, with a future focussed outlook, staying ahead of the game
  • Tenant industry in the building
  • Building a community of support, across boundaries and institutions

Made in Wellington Aotearoa – shared with the world

Having global impact in a network of like minded schools, with relationships that inspire and extend our offering in an entrepreneurial spirit; reflecting mana whenua as our history guides our future

  • Develop partnerships and alliances that differentiate over other programmes and deliver recruitment value
  • Retain Aotearoa and Pacific focus providing a unique differentiation for exchanges and scholarships
  • Create international programmes, residencies, credits sharing, scholarships
  • Provide an environment that attracts and retains talented, international staff

Diversified income, shared investment

A blended commercial model that embraces philanthropy, commercial partners and industry presence and investment

  • Secure commercial partners, iwi and industry/peak body organisations at the core of the blended business model
  • Develop a philanthropy and patronage strategy to secure funders and benefactors
  • Identify and secure community funding for shared venues, student scholarships and recruitment

Real-time Showtime, creative hub

Colliding with the community as the hub of creative industries and the arts in the heart of Wellington, 24/7

  • Design and build a future proofed centre that meets the needs of industry including incubators, with capacity esp. IT to grow with the programme offerings
  • Recruit venue management specialists to lead development of 24/7 community and performance centre providing tourism and commercial opportunities to leverage