Alex Galvin

WelTec Creative Technologies students are working with director Alex Galvin on a feature film backed by a Hollywood producer.

"We are all set to film my third feature film, the horror/thriller Before the Darkness in the second half of 2017, and I'm extremely excited to be working with WelTec on this and for the opportunities this will give film students," says Alex.

"Students will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of this film, from scriptwriting, pre-production, the designing of practical effects and location scouting, to being involved as crew on the filming days and also with post production, with editing, sound and visual effects. They will also learn about marketing and film poster design."

The film is being produced by Sharon Roggio, a Hollywood-based producer.

"Students will work alongside many film industry professionals and make valuable connections for the future. They'll also get the opportunity to learn about the differences of making films in the US, compared to New Zealand."

"Further to this, Students will also receive a professional film credit and be listed on the professional film website the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)."

"I am also incredibly excited to be moving into Te Auaha in 2018. This will be an outstanding work space for all film students, and will allow many wonderful opportunities for working with actors, hair and make-up and many other schools."